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Match options

Match options

Match option

Dedupely works by using chosen fields to match duplicate records. The match fields can be tweaked and changed in between duplicate scans. You can create multiple data pads to have variations to cover more duplicates.


Match strengths

Each match strength can be used to match different kinds of duplicates.

Exact match

Matches everything in the field value as is. For example Sean-Pier and Sean-Pier would be duplicates however Sean-Pier and Sean Pier would not be.


Similar match

Similar match does a little extra work under the hood and matches:


  • as if special characters do not exist, E.g. Sean-Pier and Sean Pier are a match

  • phone numbers E.g. 376-323-1111 and 323-1111 are a match

  • regardless of whether WWW exists to enhance domain or url comparison


Fuzzy match

Fuzzy match uses a sound-alike algorithm to find matches that are most likely to sound similar.


WARNING: Using fuzzy match is not a reliable solution for finding duplicate matches. A considerable number of matches WILL be incorrectly matched. This is more for the benefit of finding tough duplicates and merging them one-by-one.


Similar Word Match

Aids in finding matches on a word-basis:


  • Words in any order (E.g. “Welford Industries” and “Industries of Welford”)

  • First number(N) of words (E.g. Matching first word: “Welford Industries” and “Welford International”)

  • Last number(N) of words (E.g. Matching last two words: “The wishing well” matches “wishing well”)


Ignored terms

Oftentimes to maximize the number matches you find you may want to ignore some terms that reduce the likelihood of them being found. 


For example, if you have an exact match of “Stripe” and “Stripe USA, Inc.” You can ignore these terms by adding “USA” and “INC” to the ignored terms list. In this case we match “Stripe” because the rest of the words are ignored.


This applies to the field for the given data pad that has the ignored terms. You can set ignored terms separately for each field you’re matching.





Search in results

The search bar allows you to look for records in the duplicate results. At the moment we only support names being queried. 


Export duplicate results

You can export duplicate results as CSV. The CSV file has all of the fields of the data pad. Each duplicate group is separated by a blank line.