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Match options

Choose the correct match option

When Dedupely syncs with your CRM, it fetches fields such as First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Company Name. You have the flexibility to select which fields you'd like to include and determine the matching criteria.

As depicted in the example below, notice how the First Name and Last Name fields are highlighted in blue, indicating the chosen match option.

Upon clicking on the field header, our match options menu unveils a range of choices:

Exact match

This option matches everything in the field value as is. For instance, "Sean-Pier" and "Sean-Pier" would be considered duplicates, while "Sean-Pier" and "Sean Pier" would not.

Similar match

A similar match goes beyond surface comparisons, ignoring formatting and capitalization. Examples include: 

  • Matching "Sean-Pier" with "Sean Pier"

  • Phone numbers like 376.323.1111 with 376-323-111

  • Regardless of whether WWW exists to enhance domain or URL comparison

Fuzzy match

Fuzzy match employs a phonetic algorithm to identify matches that sound alike but are spelled differently

Exercise caution, as this method may produce a significant number of incorrect matches and is best suited for challenging duplicates.

Similar Word Match

This option facilitates matching based on specific word sequences

  • Words in any order ("Welford Industries" and "Industries of Welford")

  • First number(N) of words ("Welford Industries" and "Welford International")

  • Last number(N) of words (E.g. Matching last two words: “The wishing well” matches “wishing well”)

Ignored terms

To enhance matching precision, you can exclude certain terms that may impede accurate matches. For instance, if you wish to match "Stripe" with "Stripe USA, Inc.," you can add "USA" and "INC" to the ignored terms list, allowing "Stripe" to be matched.

Note: When matching, your data remains unaltered. Changes are made only when you explicitly merge records in your CRM.

Running a Scan

After selecting your match options, initiate a scan by clicking on "Run a Scan" located at the top right of your screen. This process traverses your data to identify duplicates based on the specified match criteria.

Exporting Duplicate Results

Duplicate results can be exported as CSV files, containing all fields from the data pad. Each duplicate group is separated by a blank line, facilitating convenient data management and analysis.


 Dedupely's comprehensive match options empower users to efficiently identify and eliminate duplicates in their CRM data. With features like Exact Match, Similar Match, Fuzzy Match, and more, users can fine-tune their matching criteria to suit their unique needs. The ability to preview rules and run scans ensures accuracy and confidence in the merging process.

Dedupely offers unlimited support to assist users every step of the way. Whether through chat, email, or Zoom, our dedicated team is available from 9 am to 5 pm CST, Monday through Friday, to provide assistance and answer any questions. With Dedupely, managing duplicates becomes a streamlined and hassle-free experience.