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Merge duplicates in Excel or CSV

Clean your Excel/CSV file - Step-by-step.

Import data with your CSV or Excel and clean the data before it hits your CRM.

Your team is spending valuable time in CSV / Excel cleaning your data before importing it to your CRM,  but sometimes you can miss out on duplicates, 

With this upload to Dedupely your CSV / Excel would be cleaned before arriving to your CRM and creating a fuzzy mess. 

Dedupely will help you clean the issue before it even becomes a problem. 

Once you have chosen the CSV that you will want to import remember that the first row of your file will be the fields.

Once you're ready to upload your file, chose if you want to 

  • Contacts
  • Companies 
  • Deals 
  • Once you selected the record type. Click next and Sync. 

    The first thing you will see once your pad is fully uploaded will be this.

  • From there, click "Get started" and you will be shown this page right after. 

    Once you are in the Data Pad, choose the fields, The Fields will help you find the results you're looking for. Once you have selected them click them and click close so you will have something like this. 
    From here click on the fields you want to search from, clicking on the field will show this dropdown where you can select the match you need.

    Once you have selected your field click on Run Scan, it will be in blue.

    once you click Run Scan the system will give you your results based on those fields. Now is time to merge!
    Select the square button to your right,

    Now that you see the Run Scan turn orange to Merge 1 Match, click there and you should get this result in the bottom.


    Once you have started your cleaning and your file is set and ready, go to app management.

    Once there click the arrow pointing down, that way you will get your file with the merged data records. 

    From there you will have a cleaner CSV/ Excel file ready to be worked on.

    Any questions contact our support or email us at help@dedupe.ly