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Merge history

Record of all your merges

Every merge is tracked and can be viewed in the History page. View each record type’s merge history by selecting it from the drop down.  Search merged records by name or date. 

We show a few basic fields in history. Use the download function to retrieve the full record.

Downloading merge history

Downloading your merge history will re-create the original records of all your merged duplicates. The records will be exported as a CSV-file. 

Linked items (notes, activities etc.) are not saved as part of history and cannot be retrieved.

Undo merges

Mistakes are rare, but they do happen. Much like your CRM system, we don't have an undo-button for merges. It's partly due to security and partly the simultaneous, two-way sync. However, by downloading your merge history you can upload the original merges to your CRM, re-creating the original duplicates. Then simply go back into Dedupely and merge them correctly.