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How to find duplicates in your CRM

Dedupely is built for you to spend as little time as possible with duplicates. The point is to set it up to always find duplicates. We visualize that through our search pads. This is where all the magic happens. 

Default search pads

When you sign up we will automatically create a number of search pads for you to quickly get started. Our naming convention will tell you what fields we are using to find duplicates. 

Creating new search pads

Each search pad looks the same, whether you are trying to find duplicates in eg. contacts, companies or deals. You can customize the search pads perfectly for your fields and use-case. 

In one data pad you may want to search duplicates by first and last name. In another one, by last name and email. This helps you create virtually unlimited combinations of matches. 


Mix & Match - Match across fields. 

Visible fields - Change which fields are shown in the search pad.

Filters - Apply filters to your duplicates search results.

Auto Merge - Set the search pad to regularly merge all the duplicates.

Selecting fields to match

To search for duplicates, click the name of the field you want to use and select which match option you'd like to apply to that field (exact, similar, fuzzy etc.). 

To show or hide fields, click the visible fields icon in the toolbar above search results 

Running the scan

When you are happy with the fields and match options, or you would like to refresh the results, click the "Run Scan" button. You can run unlimited scans testing different match options.

Any changes to your search pad will have to be tested by clicking the "Run Scan" button

Background scans

Scans are run regularly in the background in each one of your data pads to get the latest up-to-date duplicates. Background scans do not interfere with existing merges or your actions while using the app. 

Searching associated fields

Depending on your CRM we might have access to search associated fields. Whenever you see a record type followed by and arrow and field name (e.g. Organization -> Name), it means that you can use the associated field to match duplicates. 

Both record types must be synced in Dedupely to search associated fields.

E.g. in the case of "Organization -> Name", both record type Organization and People must be synced with Dedupely.

Sort duplicate results

To sort results by a field, select the field and set one of the following sort options:

  • A-Z to sort ascending

  • Z-A to sort descending

These also work for number fields. A-Z would sort numbers from lowest to highest and Z-A from highest to lowest.

We only permit sorting fields in data pads with fewer than 10,000 duplicate match results.