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Dedupely Allows you to easily make changes to your account. These changes range from Your Account name, resetting Email Addresses, Payment information, and more. 

Profile: Edit your first and last name.

Login Email: Change your email address here.

Change Password: Reset your password effortlessly. Receive a password reset link directly to your email.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Prioritize security by enabling 2FA with a simple click.



Duplicate Report: Stay informed with weekly reports to manage duplicate data effectively. Choose to receive monthly and weekly reports on estimated duplicates in your account, with the option to enable or disable this feature.

managing your account settings with Dedupely is simple and customizable. Whether it's updating your profile details, changing login credentials, or enhancing security with two-factor authentication, you have full control. Stay informed with regular notifications, including duplicate reports, to effectively manage your data. For more detailed information on how to navigate your account settings, click on the following links:

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