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Merge options

Different ways of merging

Different merges are good for different scenarios. We recommend starting with a few single merges to get acquainted with the process. Make use of the free merges in trial. That way you already know what results you can expect when you upgrade. Once you have a few merges under your belt you can start exploring other merges. 

Auto merge

In most cases our auto merge will take care of 90-95% of your duplicates. Set the different fields to match duplicates and switch on switch on auto merge in the toolbar above each search pad. You can set the frequency of the auto merge to best suit your operations. 

Duplicates happen for all kinds of reasons, but fortunately most of those reasons are quite obvious. Auto merge is the merge option you want to build your search pads around. 

Auto merge intervals
  • ASAP - As soon as possible after the background scan has found duplicates matching the criteria set for the search pad. 

  • Specific day(s) of the week - e.g. every Saturday and Wednesday.

  • Specific day(s) of the month - e.g. every 15th and 1st of the month.

  • Specific times or between times - e.g. between or outside of your business hours.

  • Every X number of minutes/hours/days/weeks/months - e.g. every 8 hours.

You can abort auto merge once started. You can also turn off auto merge later.

Let auto merge take care of the most obvious duplicates to minimize manual work. Remember, Dedupely is made for you to spend as little time as possible in it. 

We recommend upgrading to a yearly plan when using auto merge, to avoid any interruptions of service.

Bulk merge

With Dedupely you can merge tens of thousands of duplicates with a click of a button. Click the checkbox above your search results and click "select all matches". Then merge them all. Or just bulk merge page by page, if you want to browse through the duplicate results before you merge. 

Single merge & custom merge

When you've set auto merge, and bulk merged the rest, you will probably have a few difficult-to-find duplicates. Single merge gives you full control to merge one by one, and custom merge gives you full control over what field will win. 

Check the box on the left of the duplicate to select a single duplicate, and then click Merge. 

To custom merge, click anywhere on the duplicate and select which fields should win in the merge. 

We recommend saving single and custom merge to last, once all the obvious duplicates are merged. It will save you days and days of work, and you don't have to do the same work twice. 

Want to automate the custom merges? Our merge rules give you full control over how your duplicates will merge - every, single time. 

Merge status icons

When you start a merge you will notice the match has an icon next to it. This indicates the status of the merge. The statuses are as follows:

  • Pending. When the merge has been queued.

  • Merging. When the merge has started.

  • Finished. When the merge is finished.

  • Error. When an error happen during the merge. Hover over the icon to show the error message.

Aborting a merge

You can abort a bulk merge or auto merge by clicking on the “Abort Merge” button at the top right corner where the merge numbers are in your data pad.

This action aborts all pending merges in the given data pad.